Edge Stability

What is Edge Stability? Part 2 – The Experiments

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Read Part 1 before this article as it covers the ideas behind the Edge Stability theory and how things like hardness of steel, carbide volume, and carbide size are thought to affect knife edges. Then you will have an understanding of what we are looking for in the experiments described below. read more

Corrosion Resistance, Nitrogen-alloyed, Steels

Nitrogen-Alloyed Knife Steels

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In previous posts I have written about the process by which steel is hardened. The steel is heated to a high temperature phase called austenite, where carbides are dissolved and carbon goes into solution in the austenite. During rapid quenching the carbon is trapped between the iron atoms and a phase called martensite is formed. Martensite gains its high hardness from the distortions to the atomic structure that come from carbon in between the atoms.  read more