Edge Stability

What is Edge Stability?

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Edge Stability

I got help directly from Roman Landes in writing this article (Thanks Roman!). The content below is based on Roman’s book, Messerklingen und Stahl: Technologische Betrachtung von Messerschneiden (Knives and Steel: Technological Examination of Knife Edges), as well as discussions with Roman. However, since the writing is mine the ideas are naturally filtered through me. Any mistakes are my own.  read more


Sharpness vs Cutting Ability

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CATRA, Sharpness, and Cutting Ability

I got several good comments on the article about CATRA edge retention testing regarding sharpness and cutting ability. The edges tested with more acute angles (20° edge is more acute than 50°) started out cutting better and remained that way through the standard 60 cuts. However, the measured width of the edge with the worn 20° edges was larger than with the 50°. So this leads to a question: which was sharper? And if the 50° was indeed sharper due to its narrower edge then why was it not cutting as well? read more